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  1. Each person is only entitled to one free U6 Toner bag.
  2. Existing customers and new customers can get the free U6 Toner bag.
  3. The free U6 Toner bag available is on a first come first serve basis. Limited to 200 toner bags only. 
  4. Only the product (U6 Toner bag) will be free of charge. Do note that you will still have to pay for delivery charges.
  5. EOP21 reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. 

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Is your machine model not on the list? Do not worry! Get in touch with us!

Is your machine model not on the list? Do not worry! Get in touch with us!

Hear what our clients have to say!

I wish I had met EOP21 earlier. They are so professional in the copier imaging supplies industry. Before that, I had 10 technicians in my company for photocopy machine maintenances. I faced manpower issues while my company started growing in the last three years. Then I met EOP21, and they understood my problem well and provided me the solutions with their toners. Now I am able to expand my business with only 5 technicians. Will continue to do business with them.

Leasing copier company


The output of our machine is very good. People from afar choose to have their files to be copied at our store because of the excellent quality of the output of the photocopy. Thank you so much.

Stationary Shop


I am running a photocopy business in Indonesia, and I am satisfied with EOP toners quality although it’s slightly high in price.  After I changed the toner from China brand to EOP21, my photocopy machine seldom breakdown until now. It’s help me save a lot of repair cost and time. It’s best value for money

Photocopy Center


I used to be using the original toners until I found EOP21. It surprises me that the EOP toner’s quality is the same as good as OEM toners. There’s almost nothing inside the waste container and max page yield also same with original toners. Hope EOP21 will continue manufacturer best quality toners with affordable price.




We 100% guarantee that you will love our toner, or we will return your $9.95 shipping fee and let you keep the toner anyway.

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*A feedback form is required during refund process.

About Us

EOP21 Pte Ltd was established in 1985 as Electpho Office Products Pte Ltd by Mr. Jeremy Lee. Mr. Lee saw the difficulties faced by copy centres in the country to stay competitive due to the very high cost of OEM toners used in daily operations, and started the company to provide affordable toner products to help these copy centres stay profitable. In 2008, Electpho Office Products Pte Ltd was rebranded to EOP21 Pte Ltd.

Over the years, with industry knowledge from the United States, coupled with internal in-depth technical knowledge, EOP21 started shifting its focus, from being a manufacturer to being a leading innovator and pioneer that discovers new methods of developing quality toner through powerful R&D capability. This shift was done to deliver the brand vision – To innovate, enhance quality, improve life and the environment.

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