Beware of Counterfeits

We are the legal owner and producer of genuine EOP21 toner and developer products since 1985.

We are aware that counterfeit products are prevalent and sold in many major cities. These counterfeits are being produced and distributed by unscrupulous companies that are trying to take advantage of EOP21 products’ Quality. It has also come to our attention that certain companies have even taken the liberty to name us their ‘business partner’ on their websites. DO NOT be tricked by and purchase or use any products from these counterfeiters!

Counterfeits are extremely detrimental to the Aftermarket Imaging Industry. We aim to assist and protect our customers and users against such illegal activities.

The 3 Losses – EOP21, Customers and Consumers

  • EOP21 lose revenue and brand loyalty
  • Our CUSTOMERS (Distributors/Dealers/Resellers) lose because they must compete with these counterfeit products on low prices.
  • Our CONSUMERS (Users) lose because they do not get what they pay for and end up incurring more costs on maintenance and undesirable print results. Thus lose faith on aftermarket products.

How to Detect Counterfeit and Check Suspicious Product

Due to technology availability and advancement to many counterfeiters, it can be difficult to distinguish counterfeits from genuine EOP21 products. But most of these are of low quality with no consistency in performance.

To fight against counterfeits and to protect your business and yourself, we encourage you to take note our 5P’s: 

Person: Purchase your EOP21 products from one of our authorized distributors, dealers is highly encouraged. This is the one best thing you can do to be sure you are buying genuine product.

Price: If your purchase price of the product is somehow lower than market price or looks like a deal that is too good to be true, the product may not be original EOP21. We advise you to be very careful with these situations.

Place: Be cautious if the manner or place of the offer is different from the normal process of business or consumer transactions or in a country/city without EOP21 appointed distributor(s).

Packaging: Be observant for any deviation in color, materials quality, spelling errors in the packaging. Some counterfeiters print the OEM logo on their packaging. EOP21 NEVER prints any OEM logo on our all packaging.

Performance: If you notice any significant variation in the performance of the product from previous experience or obvious defects in quality such as odor or leakage, the product may not be genuine.

Our Action

The manufacturing and selling, distributing of counterfeit products infringe and violate our EOP21 intellectual property rights, registered trademarks, and packaging. EOP21 reserves the right to take appropriate legal action against such parties.

What You Can Do

If you have doubts on whether or not your products are authentic, EOP21 is here to help you. You may either:

  1. E-mail us of the suspicious product to [email protected]. Please remember to attach any images, or supporting documents (if any).
  2. Physically submit the product for authentication along with your contact information to:
    7030 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5
    #04-13 Northstar@AMK
    SINGAPORE 569880Note: The submitted product cannot be returned.