3 Important Components Within a Laser Printer/Copier: Toner, Developer, Drum

In any laser printer or copier where a developer is required, there are 3 components which play a very crucial role in the resulting print quality: Toner, Developer, and Drum.

Importance of Toner Quality

  1. An unstable toner formulation will affect the gray-scale and image density. As the static charge on an ideal drum is supposed to be uniform, having an unstable toner formulation will result in inconsistent transfer of toner onto the drum.
  2. In a dual-component system, the toner’s stability will affect the interaction with the developer, which could result in faint prints or ghosting images.

Importance of Developer Quality

  1. Similar to how an unstable toner formulation affects interaction with the developer, an unstable developer will also affect the interaction with toner, which could also result in faint prints or ghosting images.
  2. The developer, if formulated poorly, could result in excess carriers being transferred onto the drum surface, which in turn damages the drum.

Importance of Drum Quality

The drum is the heart of every laser printer and copier. It is how the image gets transferred from the computer or scanner to the paper. Having consistent electrical properties are vital to the image forming mechanism.

  1. Just like how the unstable toner formulation affect print consistency, a poorly formulated drum can also result in inconsistent print consistency. Some examples of problems that may occur over continuous printing include backgrounding, faint prints, white patches, increasing/decreasing image density, etc.
  2. The drum is a very delicate piece of equipment, and could very possibly be damaged should the carriers within the developers gets pulled over and scratch it’s surface, resulting in a permanent mark that shows up on every print copy.


In conclusion, the relationship between the 3 components are extremely crucial and are all complementary to each other. Should you require any technical guidance, or want a toner developed, please contact us here.