EOP21® Developer

Every laser copier or printer using a dual-component or trickle-toner system will require what the industry calls a Developer. This developer is made up of an optimized mix of carrier to toner ratio.

Why is there a need to optimize the toner to carrier ratio?

A dual-component system was introduced to maximize the transfer efficiency of toner to the drum. Without a developer, toner formulations have to be very consistent in order to guarantee the print quality. A developer with an optimized mix of carrier and toner will help to stabilize toner formulations and make the print quality consistent. However, if the ratio of carrier to toner is poorly optimized, the reverse effect could actually happen, and might cause undesirable effects like ghosting, backgrounding, decreasing or increasing image density, etc. As a user, you might experience this phenomenon when you purchase low quality aftermarket products.

Benefits of EOP21® Developer

At EOP21, we use high-precision equipment carry out strict qualitative analysis so as to determine the optimized carrier to toner ratio in order to meet the same, if not better, quality of OEM toner and developer. Our raw materials also go through highly stringent material selection process so as to ensure the highest quality that our customers deserve.

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