EOP21® Hybrid Drum™

After years of intensive research, we have finally made a scientific breakthrough to develop a drum that can replace the amorphous silicon (a-Si) Drum!

Why choose EOP21® Hybrid Drum™ over conventional a-Si or OPC Drum?

The Hybrid Drum™ is the first of it’s kind that is designed and engineered to replace the a-Si Drum. As widely known in the market, a-Si drums are very expensive but have an ultra long life span. On the flip side, the OPC drum is extremely low in cost but highly susceptible to wear and tear, hence having a relatively short life span. The Hybrid Drum™ combines the best of both worlds, resulting in an affordable drum with a-Si drum-like quality.

The EOP21® Hybrid Drum™
Some highlights of our Hybrid Drum™ includes:
  • Just Plug ‘N’ Play!
  • Ultra High Page Yield
  • Consistent Print Quality

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