EOP21® Toner - Designed, Engineered, Developed in Singapore

Our Toner & Developer formulations are designed according to machine application. We are the first Singapore Toner Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), specializing in customized toners to improve the quality of print performance for our clients who are not satisfied with their present toner quality.

EOP21® Colour Toner

Why choose EOP21​® Toner?

With Innovative R&D, our products have continuously set new standards and are continuously moving towards world-class toner, developer, drum for multi-application in various copier & printer brands & models. There is an intricate relationship between the toner, developer, and drum that are being used together. You can find out more about that here.

SEM image of EOP21® Toner at 6,500x Magnification

  1. Our formulations are designed and engineered to match or even improve the quality of OEM toners .
  2. Using the most stringent in-house developed tests, the quality of our toners are sure to be stable in quality.
  3. We can adjust the Image Density, Gray-scale, Fusing Characteristic, Page Yield, etc, according to your requirements.
  4. With higher quality toner, you can expect longer intervals between machine maintenance, resulting in higher cost savings.

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